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Janasena - Pawankalyan Party
The word "Sena" signifies an army. In the vision of Jana Sena's creator Mr. Pawan Kalyan, an army is a representation of great discipline within one's self, unwavering dedication to the ideals and well-being of nation & society, dogged determination to fight enemies of society, and ultimate sacrifice for the nation. A Sena has these qualities. This is the reason why we respect our army and have faith in its ability to protect us. It has become necessary to create a Jana Sena, a socio-political army, because there is a great dearth of sincerity in our political leaders and political parties. There is no willingness in them to serve with dedication or sacrifice their comforts for the well-being of people. A Sena is needed to bring people together towards the goal of a cleaner, healthier society where there is justice and balance.
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Pawan Kalyan, a socio-political phenomenon
Mr. Pawan Kalyan is a phenomenon in the social and political sphere. It takes time to understand this but for any keen observer it becomes very clear with a bit of thought that he is a leader with a social-political reform in his mind. A phenomenon is a fact or an occurrence that is recognisable easily as it is very visible and present all the time. It is inescapably obvious.
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